Sport service

A comprehensive service for student-athletes who plan to study in North America.

Comprehensive Program

Initial Consultation

• An in-depth interview helps the student and family clarify their needs and priorities and define their educational goals
• Assessment and inventory of learning style, interests, aptitudes and personality characteristics
• Completion of a detailed personal data form to help the student establish clear goals
• Evaluation of credentials and assessment of qualifications/ reviewing athletic records (games, achievements, records, results etc.)
• Strategies to improve study habits and techniques for effective time management
• Preparation of a timetable for standardized testing and college planning
• Comprehensive outline of key steps in the admission process
• Development of a specific list of recommended schools that best fits the profile of the student and communicating with coaches and other school representatives on behalf of the student-athlete

Application Assistance

• Provision of required application materials and other necessary information
• Review of practice application and draft essays prior to completion of final applications
• Review and preparation of all academic records and documentation required to present the best and most complete picture of the student
• Communication with the schools when appropriate to support student's candidacy and negotiating athletic scholarships/financial aid packages with coaches and other school
• Ongoing assistance and support throughout each phase of the admission cycle

Information about Athletic scholarships  

Sports scholarships are awarded to student-athletes by colleges/universities based on athletic talent and premise.
Full scholarship includes cost of tuition and fees, books, room and board (housing and food), and athletic gear.
Partial scholarships cover only part of the expenses, and the amount depends on the agreement between the college/university and the student-athlete.

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